Welcome to the New York Hereford Breeders Association

The NY Hereford Breeders Association is committed to serving Hereford breeders within New York State by promoting the production and consumption of Hereford beef universally, sponsoring state-wide activities, supporting youth activities, and publishing a directory of all the current members.

Officers and Committee Members
New York Hereford Breeders 2014 - 2015 Directory

NYHB Officers

President: Kathi Wagner
83 Howard Hall Road
Catskill, NY 12414

Vice President: Grady Updyke
51 Updyke Rd
Waverly NY  14892

Secretary: Irene Russell
2550 Route 221 West
Marathon, NY 13803

Treasurer: Carole Card
3709 McGraw-Marathon Road
McGraw, NY 13101


By Laws: Ted Kriese and John Wagner

Classic Show: Tom Smith and Sara Dorman-Ford
Correspondence regarding the Classic Show:
Tom Smith, Classic Show Chairperson
3329 Roosevelt Hwy
Hamlin, NY 14464

Finance: Patti Andersen and Ted Kriese

Futurity: Tim Marland, Tim Dennis, and Kathi Wagner

Tim Marland
3488 North Lake Rd
Erieville, NY  13061

Irene Russell and Kathi Wagner

Promotions: Patti Andersen and Tom Smith

Sales: Grady Updyke (chairperson), Warren Bippert, and Bill Metch

State Fair: John Kriese
4285 Italy Hill Road
Branchport, New York 14418
(315) 595-6198

Audit: Audrey Smith and Beverly Dorman

Web Site Coordinator: John Kriese

Nominating Committee
(Need volunteers)

Newsletter Editor:

For information regarding the newsletter, please contact the officers - or email us at info@NYHBA.com

NY Junior Hereford Breeders Association


Len Ando
10386 Rushford Rd
Houghton NY 14744

Tom Smith
3329 Roosevelt Highway
Hamlin, NY 14464

Junior Officers

President: Megan Andersen

Vice-President: James Held

Treasurer: Kirby Dygert

Secretary: Paige Ando

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